Hakob Serobyan: This year results lived up our expectations

13:30 - 18 Dec, 2015

Armenia’s gymnastics team’s head coach, Hakob Serobyan, gymnasts Artur Davtyan and Artur Tovmasyan summed up the passing year in a conversation with journalists.

“The results registered in 2015 lived up our expectations. We have returned with medals from all championships. We have never had such results. As for Voronin Cup we went there to test Artur Davtyan’s and Artur Tovmasyan’s complicated exercises. Davtyan registered his best result in multiple-event, it is very gratifying. If he achieves the same result at “Test Event” , I am sure, he’ll take the first place. I am very pleased with the guys. We will go to the Olympics not only for participation but for struggling for medals”, Serobyan noted.

Armenia’s gymnastics team member Artur Tovmasyan considers successful the 2015. “We started the 2015 with a training camp organized by the National Olympic Committee of Armenia. I think it had a positive impact on us and our results. I won gold at the World Universiade, which made me happy. Our gymnasts have had really good performances this year but we shouldn’t be content with the reached but strive for more”, Tovmasyan said.

The passing year has also been successful for Artur Davtyan but he regrets for the missed medal at the European Championship. “I regret of taking the 4th place at vault of the European Championship. Because of folding my hand I lost the medal. Everybody knows that I had health problems before the World Championship, but, thank God, I managed to recover partially and conquer Olympic Games preliminary qualification”, Davtyan said.

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