Armen Grigoryan: The won medals are a result of great work

14:05 - 02 Jul, 2019

ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan’s Adviser, Head of the Armenian delegation in Minsk Armen Grigoryan summed up Armenia’s participation in the 2nd European Games in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

-The 2nd European Games are over. The Armenia team won 11 medals – 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Please, sum up the participation of the Armenian delegation in the European Games.

- I think we had a rather good participation. The preparatory work had started months ago. On ANOC President Gagik Tsatukyan’s instructions a working group was formed every member of which coordinated his professional sphere; sporting wear, medicines and vitamins, work with media, etc. All the responsible people were gathering once or twice a month for discussion and we were moving ahead step by step. At the European Games we had 11 medals in 9 sports which is great success. Those medals were not random but were a result of great work. It’s the first time we are returning to Armenia with such number of medals.

Only I’m very sorry about cyclist Edgar Stepanyan who could participate well but the hand fracture impeded him. I congratulate the athletes and coaches for their work. The Olympic Games are ahead and we must prepare seriously and have a good participation.

-Please, assess the European Games on a 10-point scale as the head of the delegation.

-I think everything was done right. Everything was well-organized; the transport, the food, the award ceremonies. The sports grounds were very good, large and multifunctional. Belarus had prepared for these games very seriously. I’d give 10 points. In the future Minsk can be a candidate city for the Olympic Games.

-Will Yerevan be ever able to host the European Games?

-It will be possible if we have appropriate sports grounds. I think we have no problem with hotels but still lack sports constructions. We need a few more sports constructions to be able to host such great events.

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