Levon Julfalakyan: We have 2 qualifications and are going to fight for the remaining 4

11:19 - 16 Dec, 2015

Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestling team’s head coach, Levon Julfalakyan in an interview with ANOC summarized the year 2015, spoke about the Olympic qualifications and the training camp being organized during these days. 

-Mr. Julfalakyan, please, tell us about the last, ongoing training camp in Tsakhkadzor.  

-This year-end training camp is very effective. Usually it is considered the beginning of the next year. Approximately 50 athletes and coaches participate in the training camp. Let’s hope that everything will go its course and the year will be successfully finished. Armenia’s Greco-Roman team will restart its activity on January 14 of 2016 holding a training camp in Yerevan.

-Please, sum up the passing year as a Greco-Roman wrestling team’s head coach.

-We achieved pleasant and commendable successes in 2015 though we expected more. There were also obstacles, first because the European Games were held in a very unwelcome country for us and we were involved in with an incomplete team otherwise we would conquer more medals. Overall, our wrestlers took 2nd and 3rd places at U23 European Championships. Moreover, from high class, international tournaments Armenia’s team returned with 7-8 medals. The 2015 year wasn’t excellent but successful.

-What would you say about the World Championship?

-We got two qualifications at the World Championship but besides a qualification and gold medal we had to have another gold in 66kg weight class or at least the second place if not the first but the referees impeded us. We were stolen a medal in that weight class. We also had expectations in 75kg weight class, unfortunately, here also we faced unfair judgment.

-You spoke about referees, what conclusions have you done for not to face the same problem?

-We constantly do conclusions but the same story repeats again. It’s a pity when athletes after years of hard work achieve such a physical condition and meet obstacles. Such things shouldn’t happen but there are many corrupt and treacherous people.

-We have 2 qualifications for the Rio Olympics to date, how many qualifications can still be expected?

-There are 3 more qualifiers and we will try to do the maximum possible for reaching our goal. We have 2 qualifications and are going to fight for the remaining 4. There is no need to hurry, time will show. These 3 tournaments are primary for us. The most important is to choose a right strategy.

-Have you already decided which athletes are going to the qualifiers?

-I haven’t thought of it yet. The period between the first and second tournament is a week and I think we will orientate by that time who and where will go.

-What would you say about Yury Patrikeyev’s desire to return?

-Patrikeyev wants to return, but the desire and ability defer from each other. Time will show how ready he is.

ANOC press office

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