Armen Gyozalyan: Edgar fought till the end

10:29 - 24 Oct, 2019

From October 16 to 21 Netherlands Apeldoorn hosted the 2019 UEC Track Elite European Championships where Armenia’s representative Edgar Stepanyan took the 17th position in the scratch race. In an interview with the ANOC press service head coach of the Armenia cycling team Armen Gyozalyan summed up Stepanyan’s performance.

“It was a short time after Edgar’s hand injury, so we did what we could. In the scratch race he placed 17th among 23 participants, his average speed was more than 52, 6 km/h and the best cyclists were competing in it. He fought till the end. There were athletes that didn’t bear the rivalry and failed to cross the finish line. At that moment we did as much as we could as we were short of time. The hand injury didn’t allow to do more. There will be several world cups till the end of the year which we won’t join as we don’t have enough points. At the end of the year we will have a training camp the time and the place of which aren’t clear yet,” the coach said.
“I was feeling normally. At this point I did my best. I don’t feel pain in my wrist anymore,” Edgar Stepanyan told the ANOC press service.

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