Anna Melkonyan: Implementation of such programs is important, especially in regions

11:51 - 12 Oct, 2019

In the framework of Olympic Solidarity program a seminar on ‘Women and Sport’ was held at the Gyumri State Sports College of Olympic Reserve.
Project manager and ANOC employee Anna Melkonyan stressed that such programs are very important for increasing women’s role in sports in Armenia.
“I think that the implementation of such programs and seminars is very important in Armenia, especially in the regions because if in Yerevan women are partly involved in different spheres, including sports, in the regions the involvement is significantly lower, “Anna Melkonyan said.
Lena Hakobyan, scientific director of the seminar, spoke about the importance of the seminar in an interview with ANOC press service.
“Today’s development of sports is aimed to increase the involvement of women in sports. For it we need relevant programs, one of which was this seminar. We need to create conditions and solve the problems coordinately.”Lena Hakobyan said.
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