Pashik Alaverdyan: Congratulations to all of us

17:47 - 26 Sep, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia weightlifting team Pashik Alaverdyan has spoken about two-time world champion Simon Martirosyan’s (109 kg) victory at the World Weightlifting Championship in Thailand.

“Congratulations to all of us, as well as to Simon’s personal coach Ashot Pilosyan. Bravo, Ashot! I thank you for the work you did. I congratulate all those people who root for Armenian wrestling. I hope our flag will be raised here tomorrow too. Today Simon wasn’t prepared for a record. We shouldn’t have taken a risk. If suddenly he got an injury I wouldn’t forgive myself, not anyone. However, there is a record and everything’s fine.

I’d like to thank our state, our government and Mr. Tsarukyan who always supports us and today is ready to support us again,” Pashik Alaverdyan said live on Public TV.

Let us recall that Olympic silver medalist Martirosyan scored a total of 429 kg (199+230). 22-year-old Martirosyan won in both events while in the snatch he set a world record, 199 kg. The world records in the clean and jerk and in total points of the 109 kg weight class also belong to the Armenian weightlifter.

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