Rio 2016: Olympic venues continue in Olympic spirit

13:50 - 05 Aug, 2019

After three years of the Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016 most of the Olympic venues continue being in the center of local and international sporting events.

In particular, the Barra Olympic park, the center of the 2016 Olympic Games, is being used till today.

The venue has hosted more than 200 tournaments and 800,000 spectators, as well as is constantly used by professional and amateur athletes.

All three Carioca Arenas where basketball, wrestling, judo, taekwondo and fencing tournaments were held are still used and host international tournaments.

The Olympic Velodrome after suffering two fires in 2017 was reopened in 2018. Now the Brazilian national team trains there. Besides the Velodrome hosts many international tournaments and more than 450 children assist classes there.

The Olympic Tennis Centre was also reopened in 2017.

Due to economic and political problems some sports venues in Brazil aren't used, for instance, the Olympic Village, but the Olympic Games provided a bright spot in the development of the country.

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