Armenian Volleyball Cup to kick off

14:30 - 10 Dec, 2015

The Armenian men’s and women’s Volleyball Cup kicks off. Among men 6 teams will compete: FIMA, “Dinamo Nor Nork”, “Arabkir”, “Medical University” and “ Gyumri”. The teams will be divided into two subgroups. On the last day of the Cup the leaders of the subgroups will compete.

And there will be 4 women’s teams: “Nzhdeh”, “XMOMM”, “Van” and “University of Economics”. The winner will be determined though a circular system. “The Cup is held more for creating activity for volleyball players and it will also be beneficial for the new season” Karen Asmaryan said to ANOC.
The Armenian Volleyball Cup kicks off on December 11 and ends on December 13.

ANOC press office

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