Grand Chess Tour: Levon Aronyan loses his position

19:25 - 14 Aug, 2019

The next round of the Grand Chess Tour is underway in Saint Louise.

In the blitz games Aronyan lost his position and now is placing second.

The first nine games of the blitz chess were played yesterday where Aronyan started confidently playing a draw with Sergey Karjakin, winning with black pieces Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and drawing the third game with Ding Liren.

In the fourth and fifth games he ended in a tie the games with Fabiano Caruana and Yu Yangyi, respectively. The last part went wrong for the Armenian chess player; he conceded to Leinier Dominguez with black pieces and then played draws with Richard Rapportand and Magnus Carlsen. In the ninth game Aronyan suffered defeat with black pieces from Vachier-Lagrave and went down on the second position.

Now the Armenian GM places second with 17 points and is half point behind the leader, Maxime Vachier-Lagrav. Today the last nine rounds of the tournament will be played after which the winner of the tournament will become clear.

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