Surf debut at Tsurigasaki beach

13:44 - 23 Jul, 2019

The Olympic Games Organising Committee and International Surfing Association have organized a four-day test tournament from July 18-21.

In general four days are required for a surfing tournament but Tokyo 2020 due to weather conditions and safety will spare eight days to the tournament, from July 26 to August 2. Twenty men and twenty women will compete at Tokyo 2020.

To replicate the exact format of the Olympic competition 40 athletes took part in the competition.

Tsurigasaki beach is 62 km from Tokyo and is famous for its consistent, world-class waves the height of which is 1-1,5 meters. Every year 600,000 surfers visit the beach.

“We depend on Mother Nature, we depend on the natural conditions, that is why we are here to to see how the conditions are running during the format.” Robert Fasulo, ISA Executive Director, said.

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