Minsk 2019: Grigor Sahakyan concedes in bout for bronze medal

19:20 - 23 Jun, 2019

Samboist Grigor Grigoryan (90 kg) failed to win a medal at the European Games underway in Minsk, Belarus.

The Armenian samboist conceded 3:4 to Georgia’s Pata Gviniashvili in the bout for a bronze medal.

Grigor Sahakyan has started performing from the quarterfinals. In the first bout the Armenian samboist had won Czech Miroslav Vaceki, 8:0 then had lost 1:3 to Russia’s Sergei Ryabov in the semifinal.

Earlier on June 23 samboists Arsen Ghazaryan became a bronze medalist and Tigran Kirakosyan at 52 kg will soon fight for a gold medal against Azerbaijani Aghasif Samadov.

Let us recall on June 23 the struggle was continued by samboists David Grigoryan (82 kg), Maksim Manukyan (57 kg) and Asya Lalazaryan (48 kg).

Grigoryan became a silver medalist while Manukyan and Lalazaryan lost the bouts for bronze medals.

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