Tatev Hakobyan: I was ready to show a better result

20:56 - 12 Apr, 2019

Tatev Hakobyan commented on her performance after placing 4th at the European Weightlifting Championship coming to an end in Batumi, Georgia.

“I was expecting more because I was ready to lift more kilos. Something went wrong. I’d say after the first unsuccessful attempt I was broken down. The second attempt of the clean and jerk which wasn’t counted spoiled everything. But I wasn’t tense. I hope to stand on the first place of honor in future,” noted Tatev Hakobyan.

Earlier, the Armenian representative had showed a total of 230 kg result (105+125). For the snatch Tatev Hakobyan had ordered the highest kilograms but only in the third attempt had lifted the 105 kg and won a bronze medal. In the clean and jerk she had succeeded only in the first attempt and ended up 4th.

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