Davit Khitaryan summarizes the World Junior Championships

11:40 - 27 Oct, 2015

The Armenian representatives, Vahagn Hovsepyan, Shahen Abaghyan and Arsen Ghazaryan returned with nothing from the Judo Junior Championships in Abu Dhabi. The vice president of Armenian Judo federation, Davit Khitaryan summarized the Championship.

“As Shahen Abaghyan was the European Championship prize winner, we had to give him a chance. He did his best. We saw that Shahen has enough gaps in his technical base. Vahagn Hovsepyan had the same problem as at the European Championship. In the fight against the Khazakh opponent he lost by yuko. I think the coaches also have a lot to think about. Arsen Khazaryan peaked at the World Championship and then failed. Unfortunately, the failure continued. As well as the others he won one fight and then lost. No one of our athletes could reach the quarter-final and fight for the bronze medal. There are many surprises in our sport. The competitiveness is very high and the obvious leaders can remain without medals”, told Khitaryan the ANOC reporter.

555 athletes from 82 countries of the world took part in the World Junior Championships.

ANOC press department

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