Hrachya Rostomyan. Weightlifting must be guided be someone, who is professional in this field

19:58 - 10 Feb, 2017

Today, at the meeting with the coaches of weightlifting a question was given to the  minister of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Secretary general of NOC of Armenia. The question was the following. '' When is the Federation going to have a new president’’?

The authorities of the president of weightlifting Federation was temporary given to the Secretary general of NOC of Armenia. Now we are in massive searches of such a person, who could agree with investing money and will not interrupt the couches’ auction. Only the professionals should deal with weightlifting. 

There was also a question about the military age athletes and Hratchya Rostomyan answered.                     

''Currently discussions are held with the Ministry of Defense, to find the best solution for this problem''.

At the end of the meeting, Gor Minasyan and Simon Martirosyan were rewarded the title of Sport Master of RA, by Hrachya Rostomyan.

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