Vahagn Davtyan: This victory belongs to the whole federation

11:20 - 14 Jul, 2016

The Armenia U18 women’s national basketball team became the winner of the European Championship Division C. In a conversation with the ANOC press service, the team’s head coach, Vahagn Harutyunyan, summed up the championship and spoke about the Division C.

-Mr. Harutyunyan, how do you assess the final game?
-Naturally, we had examined our opponent, we knew everything about the team and nothing caught us by surprise. We knew their actions and plan. We were really prepared.
-You have passed a rather long way for this kind of victories. How was it for you?
-When I was speaking to the children I said that it had been the dream of my life. Before us no team has placed higher that the third position. Now recalling our first games in 2008 we are ashamed. Now we have a serious federation and teams. We have been looking for players for months and have found them. This victory belongs to the whole federation. I’d also like to thank all the coaches personally.
-Now you will compete in the Division B. What expectations do you have and which teams will you compete against?
-Still this year, three players were expected to join the team but something went wrong. We even expected a player from America but she will join the team next year. Every day the federation continues filling the line-up and finding new players. We tried to start from a weaker tournament and not from a strong one. Though Division C brings together rather strong teams but the best 16 European teams don’t compete there. The struggle in the division B is tougher and we have to prepare seriously for it.

ANOC press service

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