Tigran Gyokchyan: We showed Europe that we have a competitive team

11:00 - 06 Jul, 2016

The Armenia national basketball team opened a new page for the Armenian basketball forming the foundation for new victories. The team’s head coach, Tigran Gyokchyan, summed up the European Championship and spoke about future plans in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

-Mr. Gyokchyan, now when we have a champion team, please, tell us how it formed.

-The whole process of the formation was done abroad. Everything started 7 months ago. When we decided to have a competitive team, we began to negotiate with different players both in Armenia and abroad. There were many basketball players but some of them couldn’t come for some reasons.

-Do you have other players in the center of you attention who can be invited to the team?

-Of course, I have. There are three or four good players who can strengthen the team.

-Let’s speak about the European Championship. There was an impression that we knew our opponent in the first game. Which was our strong side in that game?

-Before the first game with Moldova we had examined all its games, and that was our strong side. We knew well how the opponent played. Everything gets easier when you know your opponent.

-Was the excitement the reason of the defeat in the game against Andorra?

-We had seen Andorra’s play but not at full strength. They had played with Wales with the third line-up. That was the reason we didn’t understand well their play. There was little information on the internet regarding Andorra’s play. On the other hand when we won Moldova the guys thought they would win easily, but it wasn’t so.

-And what about Wales?

-Obviously, the Walsh team didn’t have the same level as Andorra and Moldova. But when we play the game with defense and the guys are disposed we succeed.

-Was the game against Ireland quieter?

-Ireland was one of the strongest teams of the championship. They were very organized and rather strong. They were playing European basketball. The only thing we could do was to play as a team and we did it.

-It seemed you had found the right play style against Andorra in the final.

-In the final I was sure of our victory. As no one of the players had any injury and everyone was disposed to win we proved that we are the strongest team of the European Championship for Small Countries.

-Now when you’ve got the right to participate in the qualification round of the European Championship what are your plans for the future?

-We showed Europe that we have a competitive team. But it is difficult to keep the team only with the team games. Now the most important is to form a basic team which will play in Russia or in another league. We can form a club where these basketball players will get an experience of playing together and will improve the teams’ results.

-It has already been a day that you are in the motherland what is the reaction to this victory?

-To be honest, I have never expected such a reaction and reception. After this victory some friends of mine whom I haven’t seen for 30 years remembered and visited me. They have nothing to do with basketball but they came to see me and to say that they were happy for the team. They congratulated us and said that they are proud of the team. We were also welcomed by ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan and President Serzh Sargsyan.

-Thank you and I wish new victories to the national basketball team.

ANOC press service

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