Gor Minasyan: I managed to improve my personal result

21:50 - 16 Apr, 2016

European silver medalist Gor Minasyan thinks that there is much to do after the Championships.

“At these European Championships I managed to improve my personal result. I could lift 5kg more than at the World Championship in Houston.  My failure in the first attempt of the clean and jerk was related with technical mistakes. The most important is that the coaches are pleased with this result. Of course, I’m pleased, too. But with this result I cannot compete at the Rio Olympics, I need 10 more kilos to capture a medal”, Minasyan said to ANOC press service.

In the snatch Gor Minasyan lifted 195kg, 200kg and 205kg in all three attempts. In this exercise Minasyan conceded the first place only to a Georgian athlete and won a small silver medal.

In the clean and jerk the Armenian weightlifter lifted 231kg and 237kg and came in fourth. Gor Minasyan became a silver medalist with a total result of 442kg.

Norway, Forde

ANOC press service

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