Nazik Avdalyan: The soldiers standing at the border invigorated me

23:34 - 14 Apr, 2016

European champion Nazik Avdalyan spoke with excitement, pride and characteristic for her modesty, about becoming a champion and her future plans in a conversation with ANOC press service. Nazik prided herself on becoming a European champion again and having an opportunity to dedicate her victory to the Armenian solders standing at the border. During the interview it turned out that Nazik’s family members hadn’t watched the broadcast and had been in church.

-Nazik, with this victory, you rose like a phoenix from the ashes, didn’t you?

-Last time I became a European champion 8 years ago. I haven’t been in sport since 2009. I got injuries one after another and then the car accident happened and I left the big sport. I have begun training since 2015. I wasn’t thinking of becoming a champion,  I was thinking primarily of performing all approaches well. I had a really emotional competition. I have never had such a feeling maybe because I was too young then and couldn’t enjoy my victory to the end. Many people didn’t believe that I was able to achieve serious results but, in all honesty, the soldiers standing at the border invigorated me. They risk their lives and fight without fear, then why I had to fear. The fact that we were few in number then the Azerbaijanis and had fewer weapons but won was on my mind all the time. But we, athletes have all conditions then why we shouldn’t win. God bless our soldiers. I can only express my gratitude to Armenian solders who protect our borders.

-Did your disposition play a role in the competition?

-The kilos I lifted in the contest I had lifted before during the trainings. Initially, athletes don’t represent the kilos they are able to lift. I think every athlete has a slight feeling of fear.

-Of course, it is too late to speak about the Olympics. But can we hope for medals if we stay the course?

-I have never spoken about my future plans. God will show the way. Of course, deep down I have goals related with Olympics. There isn’t an athlete that doesn’t dream about Olympics, including me.

Norway, Forde

ANOC press service

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