Roman Amoyan: This medal has given me confidence before the qualifiers

09:44 - 14 Mar, 2016

Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestling team member, Olympic bronze medalist, world multiple prize winner, European former champion Roman Amoyan spoke about the silver medal conquered at the 2016 European Championship, his opponents and the future plans in a conversation with ANOC press service.

-Roman, after the World Championship in Las Vegas many people thought that it was time for you to retire but here you proved that it’s early for you to take retirement. What helped you?
-There was time when conquering a silver medal was very frustrating for me but today I am very pleased and happy with this silver medal. It has given me confidence before the Olympic qualifiers.
-Your main opponents were young wrestlers. What helped you more the experience or the aspiration of conquering a medal?
-The both (laughs). Yes, they are young but they also strive to win and I have won them struggling otherwise I would not manage to overcome them. There were some gaps in my fights, which I have to rectify them before the qualifiers.
-Speaking about young athletes are there any worthy substitutes for you in our team?
-I’d like us to have strong wrestlers in this weight class. We have a rich and victorious history in light weight category. There are talented athletes like Gevorg Gharibyan and others. I will support as much as I can.
-Roman, it’s early to speak about a retirement, however, is it possible for you to dedicate yourself to coaching?
-I haven’t thought of it yet. At this moment I am concentrated only on the qualifiers and qualifying for the Rio Olympics.
-Thanks, Roman. I wish you good luck and once more congratulate you on the medal.
-Thank you.

Latvia, Riga
ANOC press service

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