Hrachya Rostomyan: “We try to reflect our work during these 25 years”

13:03 - 24 Sep, 2015

National Olympic Committee of Armenia from 28 to 30 September will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee. On this occasion, the General Secretary of the NOC, Hrachya Rostomyan during a press conference presented the upcoming events and told the audience about the exploitation and capabilities of “Olimpavan”.

Mr. Rostomyan, you noted that IOC president was going to participate in celebrations organized in honor of the 25th anniversary of  NOC  of Armenia. Why Mr. Bach won't arrive to Armenia?

These days the Assembly of the United Nations is being held in New York during which questions connected with sport will be discussed and Thomas Bach has to take part in it as the UNO is going to adopt the convention concerning sport.

Is the agenda of a regional forum known already?

At the meeting the questions connected with Rio 2016 will be discussed and the ambassador of Brazil in Armenia will represent the present situation in Rio. Also will be presented the preparatory work that is currently underway at Rio. Different national Olympic committees will present their works, and the National Olympic Committee's anti-doping commission will be presented by Mr. Areg Hovannisian, who will present the work we are taking the fight against doping. The speech will be made also by representatives of Russian International Olympic University led by a general director, professor Lev Belousov. We will receive many guests, in total, of 70 people.

What other events does the NOC of Armenia  plan besides the opening ceremony of  “Olimpiavan” ?

We must not forget that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide. We have tried to avoid the magnificent celebrations, only sports events will be organized. For obvious reasons, we are being more restrained, and try to reflect our work during these 25 years. We plan to show the athletic performances in 8 kinds of sports in the yard of the National Academic Opera House.

How exactly will be “Olimpiavan”  put into operation ?

The procedure is very simple. Naturally we will provide it to the national teams to train in the halls. There will also be a complex sport school of the Olympic reserve. It will be for beginners. Except training camps, everything will be free for athletes and coaches.

And the budget?

At the moment I can't tell the exact sum, it will be clear after the construction of all buildings. That is why we don't have the exact sum. But the expenses made on the construction several times exceed the sum provided by a government.


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