Gagik Tsarukyan at the launch of ՛՛Dyutsaznagirk՛՛ second volume

12:58 - 25 Dec, 2015

The launch of “Dyutsaznagirk” second volume took place with the participation of the National Olympic Committee President Gagik Tsarukyan.

Greeting the guests, the ANOC president expressed his support to the book author, Vardan Tomasyan. “Armenians are a really talented nation and I am happy to contribute to the revealing of talents in order not to lose them and let them implement their talent in development and presentation of Armenian to the world. We should esteem and appreciate their work. We have many talented children and have only to create appropriate conditions for them”, Gagik Tsarukyan stressed.
The ANOC president gave a monetary reward to the oldest and smallest participants.

The first volume of “Dyutsaznagirk” was published in 2012. It is published every three years with the support of the ANOC president. More than 300 records of 125 Armenian athletes are registered in the second volume. The record geography has been also expanded including all Armenian regions, Javakhk and even USA. It should be noted that there are also soldiers among the record holders.

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