Habetnak Kurghinyan: This defeat gave much to Arsen Harutyunyan

11:25 - 25 Jul, 2019

After the 24th Stepan Sargsyan Freestyle Wrestling Tournament head coach of the Armenia freestyle wrestling team Habetnak Kurghinyan summed up the tournament and the Armenian wrestlers’ performances.

“Overall, I’m pleased with the tournament. There were many athletes and rivalry. Most of our wrestlers also took part in the tournament and we had prize winners. It was our last control tournament before the qualifying World Championship. Our two wrestlers, Mihran Jaburyan (57 kg) and Arsen Harutyunyan (61 kg) lost in the finals. For Arsen it was the first tournament after the European Championship, he still has time and will work on his mistakes. Today this defeat will be a lesson for him, I can say this defeat game much to Arsen.” he said.

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