Levon Aghasyan: If there were no gross mistakes I would become at least a silver medalist

13:55 - 12 Jul, 2019

At the 30th Summer Universiade underway in Italian Naples triple jumper Levon Aghasyan placed 10th jumping 15 m 73 cm.

In a conversation with the ANOC press service Aghasyan summed up his performance at the Summer Universiade.

“I think I performed badly. I made a very gross mistake and wasn’t able to fight for a medal. I failed the first 2 of 3 jumps (he touched the red line as a result of which the result was annulled). The only positive part in all this is if my jumps were scored up I would become at least a silver medalist,” said Levon Aghasyan.

Earlier before going to the Summer Universiade Levon Aghasyan had taken part in the Armenian Athletics Championship on July 5-7 where he had registered a 17 m 08 cm result setting a personal record and qualifying for the World Championship in Qatar.

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