Participants of Minsk 2019 honored

14:40 - 05 Jul, 2019

President of the NOC of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan has organized a tribute evening for the athletes, medalists and champions participated in the 2nd European Games.

In his welcome speech the ANOC president said:

“In Minsk you kept Armenia’s honor high, thanks to you the anthem of Armenia sounded and the flag of Armenia was raised. You did the impossible, may God bless your parents, your coaches. This way you brought a greater recognition to the Armenian nation. In the last decades people see that Armenian sport is developing thanks to our athletes and coaches proper work. All the Armenians in the world look forward to your victories both in Armenia and in the Diaspora. There is still a year to go till the Olympic Games. Each of you can become an Olympic champion and this opportunity is in your hands, you only have to train better. You have all conditions to achieve the goal. The number of Olympic medals should be greater for the world to see the Armenian nation is strong and a winner. You are our nation’s heroes. God bless you!” Gagik Tsarukyan concluded.

After the ANOC president’s speech the athletes gave him the Relay Torch of the 2nd European Games held in Minsk.

The symbolic present was given to him by two-time European champion, world bronze medalist, boxer Hovhannes Bachkov.

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