Weightlifter Gor Minasyan grabbed a little bronze medal at the World Championship

03:03 - 29 Nov, 2015

Armenia’s men’s weightlifting team member, super heavyweight Gor Minasyan grabbed a little bronze medal and came 4th in the general group. At the first attempt Gor Minasyan could snatch 195 kg and clean and jerk 201kg, at the third attempt he lifted 203kg and became the owner of the little bronze medal. The clean and jerk Minasyan started with 234kg and easily lifted them. Unfortunately, he failed to lift 240kg at the second and third attempt. By the double-event of 437kg he placed 4th.

Armenia’s next representative Ruben Aleksanyan came in 8th. At the first attempt he lifted 185kg, then 192kg but failed at the third attempt to lift 196kg. In the clean and jerk he lifted 241kg first time, second time Aleksanyan couldn’t afford the 246 kilogram barbell and simultaneously got injured. The Armenian weightlifter dropped out of the contest placing 8th by the double-event of 433kg.

In the clean and jerk Russia’s Aleksey Lyovchev became a champion and set a record lifting 264kg (475kg).

Armenia’s men’s team ended its performance at the World Championship in Houston having won 2 little bronze medals by Simon Martirosyan (105kg) and Andranik Karapetyan (77kg).

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