The second major airport of Rio will be closed during the XXXI Olympics

13:10 - 07 Nov, 2015

The Brazilian government decided to close one of the airports of Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics. Such decision was made by the IOC. From August 8-18 there will be no flights and landings from 12.40pm to 5.10pm. The problem is that the airport is located in the city center on Guanabara Bay where the sailing competition will be organizes. The airwaves made by planes can afflict the sailing as well as disturb the filming of the competition. The Brazilian Airlines Association complained about such decision saying that more than 100 flights will be delayed.

The XXXI Summer Olympics will be held from August 5 to 21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 33 constructions of four regions of Rio: Copacabana, Maracana, Deodoro and Barra.

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