The 7th Memorial Wrestling Tournament after Roudolf and Eghishe Karapetyan has kicked off in Yerevan

17:44 - 15 Oct, 2015

The 7th Junior Freestyle Wrestling Memorial tournament after Honored coach of USSR, Roudolf Karapetyan and international class sports master of USSR, Eghishe Karapetyan, has kicked off at stadium “Mika” on October 15. Wrestlers from Yerevan, Armenian regions, Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia, Iran and Russia born in 1999, 2000, 2001 will compete at the tournament.
In the first day of competition wrestlers of 42kg, 50kg, 58kg, 69kg and 85kg weight category have come out. Gold medalists have become Norik Asatryan(42kg, Malatia), Hrachya Margaryan (50kg, Artashat), Vazgen Tevanyan (58kg, Artashat), Gegham Galstyan (69kg, Artashat), Mher Markosyan (85kg, Vanadzor).
Norik Asatryan and Gegham Galstyan received monetary awards from international class sports master of USSR, Eghishe Karapetyan’s friend, benefactor Armen Baghdasaryan. Champion Mher Markosyan (85kg) was awarded a special prize.
On October 16 wrestlers of 46kg, 54kg, 63kg, 76kg, and 100kg weight class will compete. The competition starts at 10 o’clock.

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