Arthur Aleksanyan is the 1st in the rating table of United World Wrestling

11:38 - 11 Feb, 2017

United World Wrestling has established the new chart for Greco-Roman wrestling.

The Champion of Olympics Arthur Aleksanyan is the 1st in 98kg weight class.

The 2nd is silver medalist Mihran Harutunyan in 66 kg w/c. In the same weight class Karen Aslanyan was the 15th.

Varsham Boranyan is the 8th in 71 kg w/c.

In 75kg w/c  the 13th is Arsen Julfalakyan and Karapet Chalyan is the 14th.

Eduard Sargsyan is the 17th in 80 kg w/c.

Maksim Manukyan is the 14th in 85 kg w/c.

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