Tigran Gyokchyan: Urartu’s goal is to be included in top 3

12:45 - 31 Aug, 2016

The head coach of Yerevan Urartu Basketball Club, Tigran Gyokchyan, spoke about the newly formed team, its preparatory phase and the team’s opportunities.

-Mr Gyokchyan, is the club passing its last phase of formation?

-Yes, we have reached the last phase of the team’s formation. We started the formation of Urartu Club yet after the end of the European Championship. After long and tough discussions and offers with the federation executives we managed to create a rather good club thanks to a general, devoted work where competitive players will play.

-How many legionaries will the club have and who are they?

-We have already got two official confirmations. The first is Terry Smith with whom we are already collaborating and the second one’s name is now a secret, we will announce it only after September 10. I’d only like to note that he is a high-level basketball player and has played for leading European and Asian leagues. We will also have the third player who will receive an Armenian passport. He has played in the USA and is a promising athlete.

-The core of the club is formed of the Armenian national team, but there won’t be the main front runner, Bryant Dunston and several other players. Why?

-All members of the team have been invited but only the players who have the chance at this moment joined the club. Dunston could have joined the team but he is an expensive player and we can’t afford him. Some of the team players still study in the US and they will be invited later.

-We are taking part in the Russian Super League for the first time. What are you your expectations?

-Of course, we want much to win but our goal is to be included in top 3. We have chances to win but our opponents are tough and experienced. In every game we will strive to win. We aren’t going to watch the statistics and be in the last place of the standings.

-Where are you planning to spend the games in Yerevan?

-Urartu will spend the games of Yerevan at Mika stadium which now is being repaired. Mika will have new lighting, new flooring, new seats, new changing rooms and other new, necessary things.

-Before the start of the championship what preparatory phases will you have to pass?

-From September 7 the team launches a training camp in Yerevan. And from September 20 we will have training camps in Georgia where we plan to spend friendlies with several teams. We also plan to spend friendlies with Kazakh teams.

-Thank you and I wish you good luck in the first season.

ANOC press service

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