Play list of Urartu Club for 2016-2017 season known

12:30 - 29 Aug, 2016

Yerevan Urartu Club will spend its first game of the 2016-2017 Russian Super League in Yerevan on October 6.

Before it Urartu Basketball Club will fix its final line-up on September 7th and will launch a training camp during which the team will spend 4-5 games with Kazakh and Georgian teams.

Here is the whole play list:

October 6                         Urartu-Ryazan                              Yerevan

October 9                         Urartu-Samara                              Yerevan

October 15                       Spartak-Urartu                              Vladivostok

October 18                       Sakhalin-Urartu                            Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

October 28                       Khimki-Urartu                              Khimki

November 6                     Urartu-Irkut                                 Yerevan 

November 10                   Urartu-Novosibirsk                      Yerevan

November 19                   Ural-Urartu                                   Yekaterinburg

November 22                   Temp-Urartu                                 Revda

December 6                      Urartu-Kupl-Rodniki                   Yerevan

December 13                   Yunga-Urartu                                Surgut

December 16                    MBA-Urartu                                Moscow  



January 7                      Samara-Urartu                                    Samara

January 10                    Ryazan-Urartu                                    Ryazan

January 16                    Urartu-Spartak                                    Yerevan

January 19                    Urartu-Sakhalin                                   Yerevan

January 30                    Urartu-Khimki                                     Yerevan

February 8                    Irkut-Urartu                                         Irkutsk

February 11                  Novosibirsk-Urartu                              Novosibirsk

February 25                  Urartu-Ural                                          Yerevan

February 28                  Urartu-Temp                                        Yerevan

March 9                        Kupl-Rodniki-Urartu                            Izhevsk

March 14                      Urartu-MBA                                         Yerevan

March 17                      Urartu-Yunga                                        Yerevan


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