Artashes Nersisyan: The fifth place wasn't Nazik's peak

01:25 - 11 Aug, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian women's weightlifting team, Artashes Nersisyan, opines that Nazik's 242kg wasn't her peak.

''This was one of those exceptional tournaments where Nazik didn't win a medal. But everything changes. After Nazik's injuries this 5th position is a real heroism. If we had more time Nazik would have a medal, there was no time for us. Something prevented her, if she were healthy, she would win a medal. The fifth place wasn't Nazik's peak. If Nazik has courage and remains in weightlifting I promise she will have medals at world and European championships,'' head coach Artashes Nersisyan said.

In the women's 69kg weight class competition of the Olympic Games Nazik Avdalyan placed 5th scoring a total of 242kg.


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