Nazik Avdalyan: I don't regret anything, I did what I could

01:02 - 11 Aug, 2016

Weightlifter Nazik Avdalyan doesn't regret the fifth place and is happy for the registered result.

''A year ago I had greater expectations from myself. I thought I could regain my old kilos but I got unforeseen injuries which impeded my trainings. I don't regret anything, I did what I could. There were trainings when I was in pain. Today I did my best. All athletes dream of participating in Olympic Games, including me. Maybe, I could have lifted more kilos in the snatch but we have what we have,'' Avdalyan stressed.

In the women's 69kg weight class competition of the Olympic Games Nazik Avdalyan placed 5th scoring a total of 242kg.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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