Hakob Serobyan: Merdinyan has carried out the task set before him

01:40 - 07 Aug, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian gymnastics team, Hakob Serobyan has spoken about Armenian team members Harutyun Merdinyan's and Artur Davtyan's performances in the qualification round.

About Harutyun Merdinyan:

Harutyun Merdinyan has carried out the task set before him. During our control trainings he was doing the exercise worse but today he did it excellently. Merdinyan's result, 15, 583 points, will give him a chance to compete in the final. He did the exercise with the complicated elements as we had planned. In the final Harutyun will perform with more difficult exercise.

About Artur Davtyan:

Artur did his first jump well, the second jump was better still but he jumped high and failed to stand on his feet. Now Davtyan blames only himself for the failure. I think he will come 12th.

The finals of individual apparatus will take place on August 14th and 15th.


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