Vardan Khachatryan: The team is going to fight to enter the top 3

09:30 - 16 Jul, 2016

The Armenia U16 national basketball team is leaving for Cyprus to take part in the European Championship. The team’s head coach, Vardan Khachatryan, summed up the team’s training camp, spoke about its opponents and expectations in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

-What preparatory stage have you passed through before going to the European Championship?
-The Armenia U16 team has had a training camp from June 21 to July 10. During that period we have had a several games with the institute team. It would be better to spend more games.

-How many players took part in the training camp and is the team formed only of Armenians living in Armenia?
-All players of this team are from Armenia. One is from Artsakh, the other from – Artik. Overall 16 players took part in the training camp but only 12 of them were chosen for the European Championship.

-You will compete against Andorra, Moldova and Albania. Have you already examined the opponents?
-We have examined their last year’s games. We know that the national teams are trained by the same coaches and therefore, they will play with the same style. It’s obvious that we are taller and this is a real advantage.

-And what do you expect from the European Championship?
-Speaking realistically, the team is going to fight to enter the top 3.

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